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Pediatric Program

The New England College of Optometry (NECO) Mobile Eye Clinic provides eye exams consistent with the standard of care within the Boston academic eye-care community, and adheres to the Pediatric Guidelines set by the American Optometric Association.  

All children, but especially those who have currently or previously failed their school vision screening, have the opportunity to be given a comprehensive eye exam by pediatric eye doctors, under the child’s family health insurance. Our goals are to catch eye disorders while they are still treatable, and to enable each child to have the corrected vision necessary to find success and fully participate in school and sports.  Correcting and maximizing vision creates opportunities for learning and reading, socialization, work and play, safety and independence, and better emotional and physical health. 

Contact Information

Contact Paulette Tattersall, Pediatric Program Director, at 617-587-5700 or for more information about the pediatric program on the NECO Mobile Eye Clinic.


Program Description

  • The NECO Mobile Eye Clinic provides care at preschools, children's centers, elementary, middle and high schools, after-school and literacy programs. 
  • The 45 minute exam includes assessment of eye function, visual skills (eye teaming, focusing and tracking), visual integration, distance acuity and eye health. 
  • All children who need one will receive a prescription for glasses. 
  • During the school year, students can choose glasses on the mobile clinic, which are ordered that day and delivered back to school, for use at school.
  • NECO Mobile Eye Clinic staff provide results of the eye exam to the school nurse, parent, and child’s pediatrician. 
  • The program will assist in on-going follow-up support and specialist referrals for more immediate cases. 
  • Free programs for non-insured may be available. 
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