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Pediatric School Health

An estimated one in four school-aged children have vision problems. Many experts believe that 80 percent of learning comes through a child's eyes. Early diagnosis and treatment of vision problems are essential to learning.  New England College of Optometry is dedicated to providing vision screenings and eye exams for students at our locations and through our school-based programs and screening programs.

School Based Programs

New England College of Optometry is pioneering school-based vision practices by establishing vision centers within schools. These on-site centers provide excellent opportunities for collaboration among caregivers, educators, and other healthcare professionals to coordinate each child's vision and healthcare needs.

The first partnership between New England College of Optometry and Boston Renaissance Charter Public School created a public school vision center within a Boston school.  New England Eye Framingham provides services for the Framingham Public School system. 

Screening Programs

New England College of Optometry Clinical Network doctors and NECO students provide screenings and comprehensive eye exams for students in Boston Public Schools and Headstart programs within and outside of Boston.  Currently, the New England College of Optometry provides screenings for Head Start programs in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, and Lowell.

If your child was referred for a comprehensive eye exam after a vision screening at any school, then it is important to the overall health of your child that you make an appointment with an eye care professional as soon as possible. The pediatric optometrists in the New England College of Optometry Clinical Network are here to help.

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