Young child has vision test with doctor checking her eyes while she wears special eye tool.

About Us

NECO Center for Eye Care is one of the most comprehensive eye care centers in the region, offering primary and advanced eye care in our state-of-the-art Boston clinics.

A leader in specialty eye care services, including myopia control and vision therapy, NECO Center for Eye Care offers personalized treatment plans and practices a collaborative care model, working closely with community partners to ensure patients receive a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.

As the clinical affiliate of New England College of Optometry, NECO Center for Eye Care is also a teaching facility, committed to training new doctors.

  • Comprehensive services: A variety of high quality specialty services along with primary care means that patients receive comprehensive care, rather than having to refer out for different services.
  • Collaborative model of care: Community partners in ophthalmology, occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy, orientation and mobility specialists, teachers of the visually impaired, and with the Commission for the Blind ensures patients receive a comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment plan.
  • Innovation and technology: Patients have access to emerging approaches and technologies because we are at the forefront of research and eye care advancements through our connections to clinical research and industry partnerships with the latest innovators.
  • Personalized approach to care: Individuals receive personalized approaches to care, depending on needs. For example, we offer both behavioral vision therapy approaches and classical vision therapy approaches in the same vision therapy department.
  • Convenience and quality: Telehealth appointments are available to patients for primary care, along with some specialty areas. In low-vision, you have access to multiple visits, rather than one very long visit, at multiple points throughout the year so we can follow your progress and optimize outcomes.

Our Commitment

Our optometrists work with NECO students to carry on the long tradition of serving the surrounding communities. Whether traveling to schools to conduct vision screenings, dispensing glasses in Boston’s neighborhoods, or providing eye care to veterans, bringing vision care to those in need is at the heart of what we do.

Enhancing life for older adults

We provide annual eye care to more than 1,500 older adults. Preventative eye care, patient education, and environmental modifications such as improved lighting and contrast are offered to seniors in various clinic locations.

doctor looks over eye exam with patient in treatment room

Our commitment to access and service

We serve 20,000 patients annually in our two locations, VA health centers, and Boston hospitals. Our work in community health centers provides care to many who otherwise may not have access to eye care.

Optometrist in white coat is giving an eye exam to a male patient in an exam chair.

Serving individuals with disabilities

Our experts provide eye exams to individuals with disabilities in schools and rehabilitation centers. Approximately 1,500 individuals with disabilities are seen each year at locations such as the NECO Center for Eye Care at Perkins School for the Blind and NECO Center for Eye Care Southeastern Massachusetts, a collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and Shriver Clinical Services.

young patient in red shirt points to an image on a board held up by the eye doctor
Photo by Michael Brook of Perkins School for the Blind.

Providing vision screenings to children

NECO provides free vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams to more than 6,000 schoolchildren each year. The screenings help identify vision issues that can lead to poor school performance.

Request a vision screening for your school.

Student checking vision of young child in school.

NECO Center for Eye Care is led by a leadership of the New England College of Optometry. As a clinical affiliate of the college, it is also guided by the college’s active Board of Trustees.