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New England Eye Southeastern MA (SEMA)

New England Eye Southeastern Massachusetts (SEMA) serves the vision care needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities who are eligible for services through the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  This location was created through a partnership between New England College of Optometry, the Massachusetts DDS, and Shriver Clinical Services to meet the vision care needs of individuals served by DDS throughout the Commonwealth since there is a high prevalence of vision concerns among individuals with intellectual disability.



Address   450 Pleasant Street, East Bridgewater, MA  02333
Phone: 617-680-8447
Fax: 857-241-3132
Emailsema [at]


Dr. Christine Sacco

Who Do We Serve?

Our mission is to provide vision services geared to meet the primary eye care needs of adults and children with intellectually disability who are eligible for services through the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. Individuals living throughout the Commonwealth are welcome to schedule an appointment at our East Bridgewater clinic.

What Do We Do?

Our eye examinations are provided to determine a person’s eye health, to better understand how each person uses his or her vision, and to maximize visual function. Each appointment is scheduled for one hour, allowing time for the exam, and to ensure all questions are answered. Because we are a teaching clinic, Christine Sacco, OD and an optometry intern will work together to provide the eye exam. During the visit, we may prescribe eyeglasses and/or vision aids; develop appropriate therapies, and offer advice on rehabilitation or educational considerations. In addition, recommendations/referrals may be made to other specialists for in-depth testing of visual field, to ophthalmologists as needed; and to opticians for the selection and fitting of eyeglasses. Before leaving, any needed paperwork will be filled out. A full eye report will be written and mailed to each person at home.

About Christine Sacco, OD

Dr. Christine Sacco received her optometry degree from NECO and completed a residency at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Brockton, MA. An attending optometrist at New England Eye SEMA, she has clinical experience in providing primary eye care to diverse populations, including as a consultant with a multidisciplinary group caring for people in long term and assisted care facilities. Dr. Sacco has a special interest in providing optometric services to individuals with cognitive and/or physical impairments.

Insurance Information is Required to Schedule an Exam:

Referrals:  MassHealth and Medicare do not require referrals for eye care appointments. If a referral is needed, we will contact you.
Co-Pays:  Any needed co-payments will be billed to you after your appointment.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Please call: 617-680-8447, fax: 857-241-3132, or email:

Please send us the following prior to the appointment:

  • Copies of your latest eye reports, current medication sheets, health records (including neuropsychology), available clinical reports (including Orientation and Mobility, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, OT, PT, Speech, etc.)

Please bring with you to the appointment:

  • Medical Insurance Card, Medical History, and Current Medications & Allergies Lists
  • Completed Form "Getting Ready for Your Eye Exam"- This information helps us to learn about you, and your questions and concerns.
  • All eyeglasses, sunglasses, protective eye wear, and low vision devices used. These devices help us understand what has or has not been helpful to you in the past and assists if we need to recommend anything new.
  • Familiar Object/Examples of Favorite Activity/Work - Bringing familiar and/or favorite objects, magazines, pictures, and/or work materials can help you to feel comfortable and can help us as we learn about how you use your vision.
  • Your Team - Having your family, staff and/or caregivers attend the visit can help you to feel relaxed and comfortable, and ensures that we address everyone’s questions.

Download the Welcome Packet for SEMA 

Download the "Getting Ready for Your Eye Exam" form

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