New Dry Eye service started, scheduling appointments

The NECO Center for Eye Care recently opened a new Dry Eye Service dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye.

The service comes at a time when our understanding of dry eye and underlying causes are better understood, treatments have expanded, and the number of people affected is growing.

Because Dry Eye is a chronic, progression condition, with many underlying causes, our doctors provide a thorough evaluation using sophisticated diagnostic imaging that gives a detailed look at meibomian glands, tear film osmolarity and other measures of ocular surface disease. The, they craft a customized treatment plan to offer personalized relief.

“Addressing the root causes of dry eye is particularly important because as eye care professionals, we’ve learned a lot about the role that inflammation plays in causing and aggravating this ocular surface disease,” says Kristen Brown, OD, FAAO. Advanced diagnostic and treatment options for Dry Eye management include infrared imaging of meibomian glands, assessment of tear film osmolarity, thermal pulsation and meibomian gland expression and intense pulsed light (IPL).

Dry Eye occurs when there’s a problem with the quality or quantity of tears produced. It’s a common chronic and progressive condition that impacts millions of Americans. Dry eye is caused by issues ranging from rosacea and autoimmune diseases to inflammation of meibomian (oil) glands. Even environmental or lifestyle changes like too much screen time or wearing a mask can disrupt a healthy tear film and impact tear production. Left untreated, Dry Eye can sometimes lead to chronic inflammation and corneal damage.