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Cornea & Contact Lens


From precision fitting of contact lenses to restoring sight to patients with corneal damage who haven't been able to see in years, optometrists at New England College of Optometry (NECO) Center for Eye Care are at the forefront of the most recent advances in contact lens technology. Our optometrists are uniquely qualified to diagnose, prescribe, custom fit, and educate patients on the proper care of contact lenses to ensure maximum eye health.

Our optometrists conduct a comprehensive eye exam from the front to the back of the eye with the latest technology to determine the best contact lens product and fit for your eyes. From a simple vision correction to restoring sight to eyes with severe corneal damage, our optometrists are ready to assist you in your contact lens and cornea care.

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Our doctors and contact lens specialists provide precision fitting of contact lenses, prescribe special contact lenses to restore sight to patients with corneal damage, and help the complex contact lens patients previously unable to find the perfect fit.


Phyllis Andrejko Phyllis Andrejko, OD
Clinical Director, NECO Center for Eye Care Roslindale

Terry L. N.  Chin Terry L. N. Chin, OD
Attending Optometrist

Judith Darrow Judith Darrow, OD
Attending Optometrist

Anita Gulmiri Anita Gulmiri, OD, FAAO
Attending Optometrist

Elaine Icban Elaine Icban, OD
Attending Optometrist

Alan  Kwok Alan Kwok, OD
Attending Optometrist

Jennifer Reilly Jennifer Reilly, OD
Attending Optometrist

Ron Watanabe Ron Watanabe, OD
Attending Optometrist

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