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Low Vision Rehabilitation


Janet L. LaBreck Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation

doctor with patient by low vision device

Vision is measured on a spectrum from perfect vision to blindness. Low vision or vision impairment refers to the middle of the spectrum where glasses, contact lenses, medicine, and/or surgery are unable to correct the vision loss. Often such loss is debilitating and impacts the independence and quality of life of an individual. Our low vision services include assessing a patient's visual impairment and developing a customized rehabilitation plan based on their lifestyle. 

At the Janet L. LaBreck Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation, our goal is to evaluate vision impairment and develop a plan of action to help each patient maximize visual function in everyday life. From our specialized exam rooms and evaluation equipment to a wide variety of optical devices, our highly-specialized doctors work with patients to find the options that best meet their individual needs.

Our phased approach begins by understanding where the visual impairment originates and whether it is acquired or inherited. Our optometrists, who specialize in low vision, determine if optical solutions - such as hand/stand magnifiers or filters for glare control, or non-optical solutions such as reading guides, appropriate lighting, or large print - are part of the solution for the patient.

The next phase involves an inter-disciplinary team of low vision experts composed of one of our skilled optometrists, an occupational therapist, and a orientation and mobility specialist who, along with our Social Service Agency Partners, provide a clinical assessment to determine the impact of the visual impairment on the safety, independence, and quality of life of each patient.

The ultimate goal of our inter-disciplinary team is to improve an individual's quality of life through our comprehensive Low Vision Rehabilitation Service.

Dr. Richard J. Jamara, OD, FAAO, one of our low vision specialists, shares his thoughts on various options for low vision rehabilitation in his talk at the Cape Cod Low Vision Summit in the video below.


Alexis G.  Malkin Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO
Attending Optometrist

Nicole C.  Ross Nicole C. Ross, OD, MSc, FAAO
Attending Optometrist

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