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Myopia Research and Resources

New England College of Optometry has long been a leader in the area of myopia research. The establishment of the Myopia Research Center in 1995 and the Correction of Myopia Evaluation Trial (COMET) established NECO as an international leader in basic and clinical eye research. COMET was the first NEI/NIH-sponsored clinical trial in optometry. After the clinical trial phase ended, COMET became a longitudinal study looking at factors associated with the progression and stabilization of myopia over 14 years, which is ongoing.

Today, NECO continues its myopia research in the area of visual regulation of eye growth, treatments for children, and risk factors for the progression of myopia and is utilizing the findings of myopia research within the myopia control clinic. Read more about the work being done on myopia research at New England College of Optometry.

Research Articles about Myopia

General Articles about Myopia

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