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Low Vision Program

In partnership with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the New England College of Optometry (NECO) Mobile Eye Clinic travels throughout Massachusetts to provide low vision care. The fully-equipped, wheelchair accessible, optometry clinic travels to any location in MA with a licensed eye doctor specializing in low vision optometric care, and an occupational therapist with expertise in low vision rehabilitation. 

Contact Information

Please direct any questions about the adult/low vision program on the NECO Mobile Eye Clinic to:

Low Vision Services

  • Comprehensive eye exam and/or low vision evaluations by specialty low vision eye-doctors under an individual’s health insurance.
  • Specialized care delivered at elderly housing complexes, adult day care facilities, senior centers, or at a convenient and designated meeting place in the local community.
  • Follow-up referral assistance for further treatment and services from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, if required.
  • Results from a patient’s eye exam with New England College of Optometry Mobile Eye Clinic to the patient and their designated caregivers (primary care doctor, eye-doctor or ophthalmologist, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Social Worker, resident service coordinator etc).
  • Immediate assistance with special vision needs  such as information about low vision devices and their acquisition, local vision resources, eye-glass prescriptions, and if necessary, registration to MCB.
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) services, specializing in vision rehabilitation for evaluation of function, the use of low vision devices, in-home safety and hazard assessments. Referral to the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind for Rehabilitation Teaching in the home, and /or to local OT’s for on-going follow-up care if necessary.
  • Case Management (by NECO Mobile Eye Clinic staff or other designee) to ensure treatment plan is followed.
  • Sponsored, informative coffee mornings prior to New England College of Optometry Mobile Eye Clinic visit will provide free visual function risk assessments, information on the signs, symptoms and outcomes of deteriorating vision in older adults, options for care, and demonstrate the new technologies and devices which can enhance independent daily living. Free gifts will be supplied.
  • Collaborations with local organizations to further support on-going community vision needs including clinical observation on the mobile clinic, CE Credit, & online training for local eye doctors wishing to learn more about low vision.

Please note: No person will be denied an eye exam due to lack of insurance or inability to pay. Affordable eye care and eye-glasses programs are available.

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