One of the most comprehensive eye care centers in New England.

We provide primary eye care and unique specialty services to children and adults. 

Why I practice here.

My favorite part of working at Commonwealth is seeing patients in conjunction with my students to provide the best eye care possible.

Headshot of Mark O’Donoghue
Dr. Mark O'Donoghue, attending optometrist
Groundbreaking technology

Integrating advancements in eye care and implementing groundbreaking technology for patients alongside future optometrists is one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice.

Headshot of Anita Gulmiri
Dr. Anita Gulmiri, attending optometrist

Why NECO Center for Eye Care?

Attending doctor instructs student in interpreting an eye image.

Remarkable Doctors

Our residency-trained doctors bring unique expertise to patient care and research across the field of optometry. They are deeply committed to working with community partners in areas like ophthalmology, occupational therapy, rehab, orientation and mobility, and teachers of the visually impaired.

Student adjusting a phoropter during vision exam.

A Focus on You

Patients receive personal care that matches their needs, from initial exams to long-term treatment and therapy plans. Our team approach means we can offer treatment and follow a patient’s progress over months or years to help them reach their very best vision results. Telehealth appointments are available in many cases.

Unequaled Access to Specialty Eye Care

People come from all over the New England area to see our nationally known specialists.

As one of the most comprehensive eye care centers in New England, our experts are able to manage your eye health needs in one of our two locations.

Standard and Specialty Eyewear

Our optical shop offers full support for everyday glasses, unique prescriptions, and the most advanced specialty contact lenses. We also provide a wide array of low vision devices.

Optometrist using a digital phoropter for checking a patient's vision.

Teaching and Patient Care Mission

We’re the teaching clinic for the New England College of Optometry, and our talented students play a vital role in exams and treatment as they train to be the caring doctors of tomorrow. We employ the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies and actively participate in research so that patients benefit from the latest in optometric diagnostics and treatments.