Young girl has colorful special eyeglasses on for a vision screening.

Vision Screening Request

The NECO Vision Screening Program was developed with the goal of providing vision screening services to pre-school, elementary and high schools in the Boston Metropolitan area.

The purpose of vision screening is to identify children who may need glasses so that they can be appropriately referred for a comprehensive eye examination. Our screenings are supervised by an attending optometrist overseeing first-year optometry interns.Student checking vision of young child in school.

How it works

  • Each vision screening session typically lasts 3 to 4 hours, starting around 8 to 8:30 am. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate afternoon sessions due to the students’ class schedules.
  • A screening team consists of one preceptor and 5 students. We may have the ability to send multiple teams to one location. Typically, each team can screen 25 to 50 children in one session.
  • We bring the equipment for screenings and follow all CDC recommended infection control practices.
  • We require a room of at least 15 ft in length, ideally larger, with a table and six chairs. Gyms, auditoriums, libraries and empty classrooms are generally preferred.
  • All NECO students and preceptors are CORI checked, CPR trained, and comply with NECO’s mandatory vaccination requirements. If your location requires specific ID requirements, let us know when scheduling your vision screening.
  • It is our policy that the vision screening team should not be in charge of bringing children to the screening area.
  • Arrange for a designated screening facilitator to assist in this process and with filling out the screening forms with name and DOB of each child. This increases our efficiency and ensures we can reach the targeted number of children to be screened.
  • Currently, vision screening forms are paper in triplicate (school nurse form, parent form, and NECO form). Results of the vision screening and any recommendations from the supervising optometrist will be included on the form. These forms are considered a medical record and we follow all HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy. We are able to provide listings of local pediatric optometrists.

Complete this form if you are interesting in working with NECO for your vision screening and someone will be in contact with you.